Giving you peace of mind for larger vessels

Our separate Harbour Dock is a peaceful haven for vessels ranging in length from 80 – 200 feet. We have stern-to and along-side berths situated in the virtually enclosed lagoon of Jolly Harbour.

The entry is straight forward; simply motor along the 13 feet dredged channel until you reach the Harbour Dock straight ahead. There is room to manoeuvre between the docks.

If draft is a concern please radio ahead to our dock staff on VHF Channel 68 or call the Office at (268) 462-6041/6042 and we will advise you personally.

harbour dock side beauty
front view of a boat at harbour dock
Taxi service at the harbour dock

Our dock staff are on hand to assist you with your lines if required, both upon arrival and departure. Once in place, you will be hooked up to our power and water pedestals suited to your needs. We offer 120V, 240V and 380V, 60Hz. The Dockmasters will assist you and take readings when you arrive and depart.

There is a dedicated parking area for your concierge service to drive directly to your vessel for the convenient handing over of your provisions, flowers etc.

We offer complimentary WiFi for your use whilst visiting with us. The area is well lit and we have our own 24/7 security. The WiFi code will be given to you upon checking in.

For your owners and guests, there are convenient taxies for exploring the island or for enjoying one of the amazing, waterfront restaurants along the west coast.

The supermarket can be reached by both road or dinghy. Our dedicated dinghy dock is in the heart of the main Marina.