A full service boatyard within a well protected, flexible, long-term storage facility

Our Boatyard consists of two separate yard areas and access is regulated by security personnel.

We can accommodate hauling vessels up to 75 feet in length overall and with a maximum beam of 19 feet. We offer storage on stands or one-piece cradles.

We can haul and store both monohulls and catamarans.  For catamarans, we can haul vessels up to 30 foot beam.

Yard 1 is our waterfront yard; primarily used for shorter-term stays and maintenance work. The majority of the yard is concrete. We have four concrete pits which are excellent for rudder jobs as well as summer storage for boats with a deeper draft.

Yard 2, located just across the road, is a mainly concreted surface ideal for boats on stands. There is a dedicated cradle area as well as a purpose-built, covered storage rack with capacity for up to 56 dinghies.

Boat storage area on concrete
many boats in the yard on lifts
Dinghy storage rack


Cradles must be reserved well in advance as they are in limited supply. This is often a stipulation by insurance companies. We offer three sizes of one-piece cradles. The yard team will determine which would best suit the profile of your vessel.


SMALL: Boats up to 45 feet (6 leg)
MEDIUM: Boats 45 to 55 feet (6 leg)
LARGE: Boats 55 to 70 feet (8 leg)

Every boat must be cinched down with heavy duty tie-down straps attached to secure, insurance approved ground anchors further reducing the risk of movement during a storm.

Once in position and secured we will provide you with a photo of your boat to satisfy both you and your insurance company.

Outboard motors are stored on a purpose-built rack in a waterproof, secured unit.

Masts can be stored on a designated rack or on stands alongside your vessel.

Boats with un-stepped masts will be stored separately from fully rigged boats upon request.


Our experienced Boatyard team expertly position your boat onto stands. Standard welding is mandatory through the summer months – stands are horizontally welded together in pairs to keep them securely in place.

Lateral welding is highly recommended as an added measure of security. This links the stands together in a chain like fashion.

From our experience most marine insurance companies accept this option as a satisfactory safety standard during the storm season.


We have a dedicated dinghy storage rack, with a capacity for 56 dinghies up to 14 feet. This is located in Yard 2 and is a purpose-built structure with shade screens to ensure the integrity of your dinghy in our tropical climate.

Our Boatyard team will transport your dinghy by forklift to place it into the desired location. Dinghies are tied down with heavy duty straps throughout the summer season.

We also offer individual dinghy cradles for the larger vessels that are too big for the rack or do not have the option to remove the engine. These can be located so that your dinghy is stored directly under your vessel. Tie-down straps are applied to secure the dinghy and cradle during the summer season.