Welcome to our map of Jolly Harbour Marina & Boatyard

Here you will find all the services and amenities you will need whilst visiting and enjoying our Marina. For full details of bars, cafe's and restaurants within the Marina and nearby, please click on our LEISURE page under the menu FACILITIES.

01 Harbour Entrance

02 North Beach

03 South Beach

04 Marina Moorings

05 Beach Bar and Grill

06 Antigua Sea Port Dock

07 Super Yacht Dock

08 Marina Docks

09 Pool, Tennis, Restaurant

10 Bus Stop

11 Pharmacy

12 Supermarket

13 Bus Stop Main Road

14 Marina Office

15 Chandlery

16 Fuel Station and Marina Showers

17 Marine Services

18 Customs & Immigration

19 Boat Yard Storage/Dinghy Storage

20 Twin Piers Catamaran Lifting Well

21 Main Boatyard

22 Yard 3 Catamaran Storage