Yacht sales

John (also known as JD) and Natalie are the owners of Lighthouse Yachting since January 2022.  Purchased from Karen and Mike, it’s an exciting phase in the development of this very successful yacht brokerage.  Established since March 2016, John’s background as a well-respected Yacht Surveyor, and Natalie’s head for business and brand-building, will be a powerful combination and great news for people looking to buy and/or sell a yacht.

They will continue to sell boats on behalf of clients from all over the Caribbean and the rest of the world. They’re conveniently located in Jolly Harbour Marina & Boatyard, no more than a couple of minutes walk from your dinghy or dock.

large yachts at Harbour Dock
Docked boats reflecting in the water
Lighthouse Yachting for boat sales and brokerage


Anjo Insurances is conveniently located just steps from our docks in the Jolly Harbour Marina & Boatyard commercial area. They were established in 1928 by Francis Anjo when he added the insurance agency to his and his father’s existing retail and wholesale business after he recognized the reality of the islanders’ vulnerability to natural disasters.

Their Yacht and Pleasure Craft policy covers loss or damage to your vessel, including:

  • Outboard motors
  • Special equipment
  • Dinghies/tenders to parent vessel
  • Legal liability for bodily injury or death to other persons in the event of an accident
  • Legal liability for damage to other vessels or property in the event of an accident

Cover is also available for:

  • Summer storage ashore
  • Trailers
  • Personal effects
  • Medical expenses
  • Racing

Please contact Anjo Insurances directly for your insurance needs.

Telephone: +1 (268) 480 3098
Email: [email protected]