“No other boatyard has treated me like this. Golden”

We have said our tearful goodbyes to DreamCatcher and all our friends at Jolly Harbour Marina and Boatyard and the area. Selling DreamCatcher was not easy, but we believe the correct decision for us at this time. Our post retirement goal to sail the Caribbean for 7 years was fulfilled with the exception of Covid stole one year.

JHBM will hold a special place in our memories and hearts. We were welcomed with open arms and smiles from so many of those that make up this slice of paradise. I will list only a few names as an all inclusive list I would most assuredly forget one or two. The staff in your office took the time to explain the invoices in person, email, or phone whenever we had questions and never insinuated we should be able to figure it out on our own.  Patience is a virtue, especially when dealing with sailors from all over the world in your workplace. Your staff has that patience, I congratulate them on keeping things straight and helpful.

The first people a new sailor/captain meets are the dock masters. You are fortunate to have chosen wisely your crew.  We first met William (RIP) in 2017. He let you know right off what he expected of your actions. Then Hutson and David were our guides in and out of the slips, thank you guys. Al’s presence on the docks was always appreciated, quite an emissary imo. Thanks all of you for dealing safely with all the crazy captains and the often times eventful encounters.

What can I say about Lindsey and the boatyard crew. Who are entrusted with safeguarding our most precious belonging, our boats. A finer crew and boatyard can not be found in the Caribbean. One year we were having a series of setbacks to splashing, I approached Lindsey hat in hand apologising for yet another delay and asking for a favor, I will never forget his response and have shared this story many times. He said “captain our job here is to take care of you and your boat, tell me what you want and we will make it happen “ all with that wonderful smile on his face. No other yard I have dealt with treated me like this, golden. And that attitude permeates his entire crew. Always willing to help with a smile on their face and a hand to shake.

We will miss DreamCatcher for certain, and we will miss many islands and places we love. But, we will miss mostly the people we met that befriended us along the way. So, adieu fine friends of JHBM, we will remember you all fondly for all the time we have left on this chunk of rock and water called earth.

Dean & Kim Martin