29 April 2021

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Quarantine days reduced here in Antigua & Barbuda

Some positive news came out of the latest Government of Antigua & Barbuda notes from their Cabinet Meeting.  The meeting took place on Wednesday, April 28th 2021.  We’ll keep you updated as more restrictions are hopefully eased.



Those entering Antigua and Barbuda who can demonstrate that they have received two jabs of the vaccine and also have a Covid-19 negative certificate
will now be required to spend no more than 7 days in quarantine, down from 14 days.

A Covid-19 test will be administered on the 5th day of the quarantine, and a negative test result will cause a release upon receipt, two days later.


If you have any questions at all about this or any other matter relating to visiting yachtsmen coming in by air or sea, please message Jo Lucas, General Manager at [email protected]