Reminder on clearing procedure at Jolly Harbour

November 23 2022

We caught up with Mr Quinn at Customs in Jolly Harbour today to confirm the correct procedure for clearing in at Jolly Harbour.

  • The Port of Entry operates from 8am to 4.45pm but Mr Quinn suggests that you arrive and begin your clearance process before 4pm
  • Customs office monitor VHF Channel 68
  • All visitors should complete the eSeaClear forms online 24 hours before arrival.  Customs are then alerted to your arrival and there is less time entering data when you arrive
  • You may anchor outside or pick up a mooring buoy, and then dinghy in to clear in. You may go alongside at the Customs dock
  • Do NOT go to the Marina docks or the fuel dock before you have cleared in
  • Boats should fly their yellow Q flag before clearing
  • Masks must be worn
  • Your first stop is to visit the yellow Port Health office located next to the single storey building to the right if looking from the water
  • Following this, go to Customs, Immigration and Port Authority in the single storey building
  • Ensure your boat documents are up to date and accurate.  Any discrepancies will raise issues and lengthen the process
  • If you have a new boat and registration is incomplete, you will be required to moor at the Customs dock when clearing in
  • The Customs Quarantine area is directly in front of Customs office
  • When you have cleared in, lower your Q flag and raise your Antigua & Barbuda courtesy flag.  You may then proceed to the Marina docks
  • Call the Dock Team on Channel 68 for guidance
  • When DEPARTING, during your clearance-out procedure, take EC$20 to pay Port Authority